Monday, August 16, 2010

pom pom bag by trish

after making the "casual" bag... I was feeling a bit more..
posh inspired

so I quickly pumped one out before bed.

when Prada came out with this oversized clutch in 2007,
I made a simple version in gray patent leather
3 years later, I found it in my closet
...I wore it once? maybe?

time to spice things up again!

hmm.. I've been loving the PS1, but I can't afford it...

and I was recently reminded of Louis Vuitton's super cool accessories

mix it all up! and the end result: flirty business

I like the swing

the straps are from my vacay to korea - sold in wholesale stores
this part was pretty annoying...

tidbitsthe necklace I made out of the scrap leather
when I made the original clutch

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