Monday, August 9, 2010

DiY - turban twist

the "twist" being..
I was actually making a skirt when.....
(nothing like the burberry prorsum one above.. yum)

I realized I cant hand-sew friggin... a million sequins onto the fabric!

so I cut that part off of the dress (it's over fabric paint)
and noticed, I was left with a piece of fabric - perfect for a turban!

roll up your rectangular piece,
wrap around your head and tie anyway you can,
and tuck the ends either behind your bun,
or under the headband piece

I feel so silly when I have to show the finished DiY product
but there it is. photobooth beeches

I remembered I got the Prada turban for $10 a year after their show
woodbury outlet. perfect knot - never wore it yet...

studs and turbans may be old news, but still hot


  1. Hi,

    Wouldn't you be willing to sell your Prada turban by chance ? ? ;)

    I'm desperately lookong for one, and I don't know where to get it !
    I could offer a lot more than $10 !

    Please let me know,



  2. Hi dany - thank you for your offer but I kindly decline... good luck! I'm on the hunt for another iconic piece, the half tint chanel sunglasses - an affordable one.. if it makes you feel better, the turban needs a safety pin. I mayyyy be interested in a trade though. (?)

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your answer !
    Unfortunately, I don't have the Chanel sunglasses you're talking about... but if I happen to get ones, I'll let you know !
    And if you're interested in another trade, do let me know (I have some other iconic pieces...) !

    Best wishes,


  4. Oh the turban is definitely not equal to the glasses, but if you think you have a fair trade, id be happy to consider.

  5. just found your blog, you are so lucky you found that headband! and for that price!

    desperately trying to replicate my own