Saturday, August 7, 2010

DiY - sparkly skin

when I was writing a previous post,
I got inspired by McQueen's Spring 2009's sparkly skin look

you will need:

a lazy saturday with a couple of free hours

cat to tell you how youre doin'

any tulle that matches your skin color
(finer tulle, unlike the one I used, will blend into your skin better)

M&J Trim (in NYC's garment district) has a large swarovski collection.. 
(not cheap - however, I prefer it because it has a lot more sparkle)

smaller sizes may look nicer on the skin
I just used whatever I had in my drawers..

needle, thread, scissors and crystals

tip: an embroidery ring is handy

if you know how to sew - a simple tank pattern will do
(with an unfinished raw edge)
if not - you can buy a sheer top, or frankly, any top

sew crystals on (individually - if your top is sheer) as you like
tip: try it on about halfway to consider the placement of your crystals

layer any V-neck item, or a border necklace on top
work it casually for a splash of fun, or dress it up for a night out

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