Tuesday, January 17, 2012

purple haze

my label samples arrived and it feels real now :)
I've never gotten over a 100 *likes* on facebook~ I was expecting 4 or so!
and now I'm really nervous!! I don't want to let anyone down..

funny thing is, I've been so busy that I haven't been talking about my work,
and my closest friends and family don't even really know what I do~
I can't wait to reveal it already so all the hours can be worth it..

eek! so much to do and less than a week left so I need to get back to work..
thanks for the all support - xoxoxoxoxo

so out of it... rinsed my paint brush in my cup and forgot and drank the water..
million things on my mind~!!


  1. i'm not a fashion designer but seeing your blog is very empowering. i'm in the process of starting my own business and i am very motivated by your blog! keep it up and good luck =)

  2. ahk how EXCITING! the labels look great! bet it's all gonna sink in once you sew in the labels~
    aja aja! and omg...can't believe you drank that water! you crazy girl.
    keep it up and can't wait to see your line :DDD it'll be fabuuuulous, no doubt.

  3. but no more drinking paint water!!

  4. million thumbs up!! congratulations patricia!!! ><

  5. I am so excited to see it!! Please please keep us followers updated :)

  6. Also, I would like to "like" your facebook. Where is it? :)

  7. The labels are very clean and chic. I can't wait to check out your collection!!

  8. The Labels are amazing!! I used to work for an artist who got names silk screened individually at a cute printshop in L.e.s... love love love print stuff... So much more amazing to think about what these labels mean/represent for you! I hope i get to own a "Patricia Chang"-something... maybe you will have a sample sale? or a special sneak preview for your devoted blog followers? hehe.. just my fantasy~ might be out of my price range :( Anyway... congrats!