Monday, June 6, 2011


if you are unknowledgeable about something, or it is not relevant to your life,
it's really hard to get into it..
... and I can't believe how I've transformed, 180, on my view of weddings~
I am completely obsessed and understand why it's "so fun"!!

that said, I am going to go ahead and start making a couture wedding dress~~
for fun, and sell it~

(put my marchesa years to good use)
I was thinking about working on a size 4 bodice,
but if anyone is interested, I can make it in a different size
(no pressure to buy - because I want to make it my own design~
then I suppose it's not really a "custom" dress, is it?)

some inspirations:

I booked the venue and date today! it's all so exciting~~ =D


  1. would you mind me inquiring---
    i found your blog randomly and am actually getting married next year... i'm still on the hunt for a dress and haven't found one yet... how much would you charge for a custom dress?

  2. Hi, you can email me @ for serious inquires =)

  3. ooh~ fun! hehe
    cant waiiiitttt

  4. i love your blog (i landed here via ur sister who i know through school)~ such an inspiration. I esp liked the post about your cat box and how you dont like having "not so pretty things" in your apartment. Reminded me of my adoration for gloria vanderbilt.. dont know if you even like her but her style/art/design/decor/commitment to beautiful things totally reminds me of your blog!

    anyway i wish i could buy your custom wedding dress but i dont think id be a good model/inspiration -_- if u ever think about redesigning your blog via a web designer, perhaps we can do a barter... but your dress is probably worth more than that!

  5. and thanks for keeping me sane while i sit at the gallery and count the number of visitors :P