Thursday, June 30, 2011

inside my birkin

just kidding!! my canvas "birkin" tote.

 here's my teal one - perfect for those summer days

I also got it in red & gray, but I want to get every color that exists~
especially before the fad comes to the states (from asia) and I get sick of it!!

just like real birkins, there's a waiting list for these too.
I got mine on ebay, but takes about a month..?
hey~ I say, better than one 10K+ bag... =T
I think this is the same color as my dec 2 "bir kim" post :)

inside my bag, I'm a fairly simple gal
I use my phone to jot down notes of creative ideas
and it dubs as my camera

bora got me this eyeliner. it's liquid and super precise.
I'll probably stick with this brand forever - by LORAC.

I got this day runner because it's disguised as an old book. :)
I rely on it so much, I never confirm plans without it~
and the sticker is from the wish come true park (june 13 post)

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  1. super cute I got the same color on ebay ^^ btw I love ur blog!