Friday, June 17, 2011

as per request

d&s - have a lovely day guys~ I know you love it!!

whoa, looking at this picture reminded me that these shorts were in my dream~
I wore yellow ones, and I owned them in blue and pink also.
I had another dream last night - do you know those tinyyy red bugs on stones?
someone ordered a box of them eat! *gross*
I've been having millions of dreams these days...

two nights ago, I woke up around 4am because the king's speech on dvd had ended
and the home page was on repeat. the background was classical music.
it was so beautiful, it literally made my dreams beautiful.
theres so much "noise" on tv these days, and the classical music was amazingly soothing
I think I found my new jam~

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  1. Ludwig's 7th symphony, op. 92 second movement?!
    Sooo poignant!