Tuesday, June 7, 2011

my secret stash

some more inspirations for wedding dresses I want to make (for myself and to sell)
I want my bridesmaids to look fab also - I can start thinking of mini colored versions

these are some of the (unique) textures and shapes out there that I adore..

off to the garment district! either today or tomorrow to get started on some textures
and to the mcqueen exhibit @ the met today for live inspiration~
(I'm backed up on updates from the weekends.. those are to come)


  1. how awesome that you've decided to make your own couture!!! very cool~
    loving all the inspiration~ everything is so pretty~~~
    especially that dress with the blue flower print in the skirt's lining, loves :)
    bora's outfit below is super cute (really awesome styling).
    And thanks for the short story rec, gonna start reading it later this week ;p
    xo Diana

  2. love the dress that jessica is wearing~ very cute! :)