Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I saw a large pastel painting on a blog for a living room
and I thought it would be sweet to have a collaboration piece
with my sister (who is also in the art/design world) and fiance

our midnight slumber party - after some wine

collaboration fail!!! so I just took over
after a bit of inspiration from the trip to the met museum.

another slumber party with my sis. she stayed up with me until 3 am
I usually spend a week on painting projects,
but I wanted to cross it off so I can move onto a new project.

our blank side wall is not so blank anymore~!

it can hang in different directions, as fish/human/animal

my sister opened my eyes when she said the decor was going too "modern"
so I mixed it up with the painting (the original pastel idea seemed too young/girly)

my ring holder from anthro

and a beautiful pearl tray from korea which I stole from my parents' house - hehe

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