Sunday, October 17, 2010

work hard play hard

sorry, took all my pics with my phone and my blog pics are not working..
so just a simple blurb:

Those "happy feeling" cheesy statuses are well, cheesy.
But - I don't care. I feel completely blessed right now...
A lot of things didn't go as planned this weekend,
but in place, a lot of random unplanned events went down~
what a delightful and pleasant weekend!!
mad love to the coolest friends evaaaaaa~~*
old, new, brand new, blooming, rekindled, in-town, leaving =/
I'm feeling grateful... thank you - for keeping it real ya'll!
(feel better Bo and HM - *hugs*)

especially being in New York,
meeting some of the most young and driven people..

(I've sort of picked up a new fascination of hearing people's life stories)

Theres a saying in the Bible - be kind to everyone,
for you don't know if they are an angel in disguise..
I definitely don't live by this however,
I met a 62 yr old German lady in Bryant Park,
and she wanted to remind our generation what we are capable of..

... I am just so excited by what everyone is doing!!
or I know can do - DREAM BIG SUCKAZ

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