Tuesday, October 5, 2010

googley eyed

exhausted from imagery overload.. my god,
if I haven't successfully turned google's data base upside down for "fashion editorial"...

so irritated I can't find that image of the girl and her baby sitting/embracing, in the grass
with the sun making their hair glow... she's wearing a pink tweed jacket and no pants.
...with boots! OH! lettme google boots.


I know I have the image somewhere in my computer.. but
if someone sends it to me, my blog will reward you with an imaginary prize.

...I'm starved... AM diner trips are the best..


  1. those first two photos are ridic crazy. love them.
    u must have lots of images saved in ur comp. me too :) but I never what to do with any of them -_-

  2. i hab @ home. u mean the one w natalia & her daughter? shoot w her fam?

  3. i miss mt. parnasse on central ave~!!!!