Thursday, October 7, 2010

DiY - thrifty necklet

I went to Barneys to "research"... flats for a grand?!
the fashion world is becoming insane. sure they're Louboutins,
but I'm also surprised perfectly studded flats don't exist in mass market..

oh well.. next!

this caught my eye, and realized I really want a statement necklace
(separating work and fun is quite tricky in this industry)

(previously, I saw this bracelet @ H&M and wanted to use the beads..)
so I simply cut the bracelet, and added a chain to the ends.
total time: 10 mins, total cost: about 6 bucks a pop
I'm quite satisfied with the result and throwing it in my miami suitcase.

ariiiite, don't shoot me if it's not a perfect "DiY"
it's a "conceptual" thing ok? (ms christine kim?? :P)

any chunky bracelet will do.
you can buy chains by the yard at bead stores.
you can also use ribbons instead of a chain.

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  1. im loving that second necklace~ is it lanvin? u should do a DIY studded flat! so easy!