Sunday, February 12, 2012

brad goreski - in real life

awww~ I just posted about him on jan 12
I literally said "brad~" as if we've been friends forever, haha
the conversation went better than I've been "planning", mostly because he is REALLY sweet
he has my look book now, and I can check off one of my goals.
just didn't think the conversation would happen so soon :)


  1. oh wow, i didn't realize how jal-seng-gyuh-suh he is! And he has your look book!! That's fab!

  2. ahahaha brad...what a cutie!
    rhinoceros! (have you seen "midnight in paris?" adrian brody played Dali, and was going on about "the rhinoceros" and thought of you! your painting and this dress~)
    so love how you wore it with that headband and fur scarf! such a boss when it comes to styling. definite photo-op! YAYYY!

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