Sunday, February 19, 2012

the bet

my baby to be~

I've been thinking I need a "sophisticated", simple, sleek bag.
you know, the ones I always see models carrying.
I also need a basic black bag.

anyway, after brunch I dragged hank into a department store and we spotted this A. wang tote.
I love the simplicity, with the touch of a little something special - the hardware.
and it's light weight - a must for my bags.
(it would be so cool with red handles)

 on our stroll home, he decided to make a bet*
whoever guesses where both of our cats would be at the moment we opened the door,
would win - I'd get the bag, or, if he was right, I would never be allowed to buy it for life!

we always make bets, but usually it's for small things - like doing the dishes, or $10. :P
so my heart was pounding with excitement at the stakes!!
haha, mommy knows best!!! bucky was on the bar stool and coco was in the cat tree.
*high five*
hank was close, he guessed bucky would be on the couch. ;)

anyway, I get to pick it up on tuesday, but while blogging this post,
I just found this blue one! oh no.... please tell me if I got the blue, I'd get sick of it...

blue seems too "it bag", and I'll quickly tire of it - ok, going with classic black~~~~~ (for now)


  1. this thing with the bets would be a good idea for my wardrobe haha :)


  2. ahahaha j'you such a cutie. and so is that hubsy of yours!
    black is cool. it goes with everything, and it can do no wrong. and yes, if you got the blue, you'd grow tired of it ;p


  3. i saw the bag in tan today too! lovely and simple

  4. Have you seen it with rose gold corners?? I want it so badly!!! I was thinking the exact same thing recently - that I need a sophisticated, simple tote.. I've got my heart set on this -