Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my last day of NYFW

how do people go to all the shows: mens, couture, ny, london, milan, paris~
they must be so exhausted~~

my last look for fashion week.

look 1 and look 3 from my line + necklace made by my friend, jiyup

getting photographed by vogue

 my date, jiyup~*~* thank you for your help spreading the word today!!

I hope my friends and I are this fun at their age!

 whitney port's whitney eve show, courtesy of connie k ;)

backstage. eek met joe zee again. love him.. and tyson :)
 fashion power houses galore. guess which one I spoke to?

awww bill!!! haha, I am convinced now that shail lives at lincoln center..


  1. amazing dress!!! congrats on getting shot by vogue!!!
    omg bill he's so precious!!! Kate and anna thats amazing!

  2. LOVE the first look, that dress just awesome :)

  3. You look gorgeous! Your hair is perfect, and those sunnies are amazing!!

  4. i LOVE both those dresses you made, I can't wait till I can buy them :]

  5. oooh how fun :)
    It's really fantastic how amazing and perfect all your clothes/designs look on you! pretty and fierce at the same time. looove.
    and that dress looks gorgggg on your friend~
    and whooop Bill and Shail Upadhya!! (I had to google his name ;p) such cuties!