Saturday, February 11, 2012

how we did v-day

I've been wanting to try wd~50 since I first saw photos of the food nearly 5 years ago~
we tried to go last year, but it was all booked.. well, we finally made it this year :)

 this course was MADE for me.. I died.
not only is it the TINIEST bagel you've ever seen,
it's made of ice cream!! bagel flavor - complete with salmon and cream cheese

top left - the thinest bread you'll ever have that doesn't crumble when you bite.
more miniature food - a bite size kim chi foie gras falafel, bottom left.

complete with an edible egg shell, bottom right - so creative

fried quail and turnip

 my fave course of the night - beautiful pastel and airy colors with a punch of acidic flavors

 whimsical malt balls~

my stalker pic of chef wylie dufresne,
known for his molecular gastronomy and deconstructed style

across the street, we appropriately stumbled into this store in the lower east side:
 cool box.

and left with the perfect souvenir ;)

speaking of: congrats to brian and jane~* a match made in heaven

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