Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Naeem Khan fall 201

@ lincoln center

I wish they would want to photograph inside, so I can take off the scarf
 meggie!! long time no see - naeem's favorite model

seat next to me: they never told me I had a plus 1.. aww oh well

 beautiful back drop!!

... what you don't know is...
 it's a photo of the inside of naeem's private bathroom
(photos taken exactly after last year's show - we were all having fun celebrating :P)
how insanely awesome is it? I definitely want this in my future home.


 linda fargo and padma backstage

having fun on the way to the cab with naeem's models. ;)


  1. what i am amazed at is... you're so skinny you fit into a fit models size!! <3

  2. oh it's not a jacket! It's a top! And they go great with those leggings/pants! tres cool pat!
    and that bathroom...how luxe. love the second pic of you posing in there! hahaha

  3. You look gorgeous!!!!! :) Your designs are amazing too! I hope you do go far! :) I'm a new follower of yours cause I really do like your style.


    accidental encounters

  4. I love your style! Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment :) you should check out cocobella and extrapetite they are my favorite fashion bloggers