Thursday, February 2, 2012

happy birthday nance!!

we finally shared pics from vegas: sorry, folks.
you know the vegas motto. ;)
but here are some PG ones of nancy's leading ladies from her bachelorette~

nancy's surprise - a cardboard cut out of her fiance!! haha it was so real,
shocked me every time we walked into the room

haha, he's always watching us ;) best bridesmaids~*

 pretty hotels~ I was so happy to squeeze in brunch at the wynn and the venetian

 reunited!!! haha, we won on the sex & the city slot machines
I <3 girly times

(I'm sick today so I couldn't eat - this picture looks so yummy.. I'm so hungry..~ anyway,)

limo to a memorable night~~
 ... and the glow sticks made it back to the room~ <3 slumber parties**

we love you and miss you!!!

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