Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've been having nightmare after nightmare lately... here are some..

last night, I had to go back to the island of "lost" (similar to the tv show that I was obsessed with)
and rescue everyone.. but when we got there, we didn't expect what we got.
there were a lot of people, all with long knives and guns.
they killed most of our people and I was so terrified they would eventually kill me too..
I had to bury all my friends, I saw their lips black with death..

I also visited a magical land, which was inside a game boy game.
it was a beautiful starry skied obstacle course down to a city scape,
but it was so hard and long, (and painful every time you land into a star)
that the characters were aging during the game before they could finish.

in another, I was a shark, trapped in a tree.
the angry humans were throwing buckets of ice at me..
little did they know, the ice was melting to form a swamp that would reach the ocean.
and in what was becoming the swamp, a person fell asleep
so I jumped into the swamp and ate that person first before killing everyone else.

I don't know why I'm so stressed lately..
I don't think it's so healthy to work all alone..


  1. i've been having nightmares too, ever since i started working alone. Before going to bed last night, i had a thought-- that though i might enjoy doing creative work alone... i still miss regularly seeing a group of people.. exchanging ideas. Strange because i waited so long for this type of work environment!

    btw, brava on your collection! It is really something!
    Saw this image of Yayoi Kusama's work... and thought of your hand painted work:

    she has a great story... and i think a retrospective of her work is in the works.. i forgot where but i think* either london or nyc or both ..

  2. Woo~~ that image actually looks just like my second dream!! Haha
    Thank you and good luck to you as well

  3. Don't feel stressed! Here's something to cheer you up (hopefully). I discovered your work quite recently (i.e. 10 minutes ago from Diana Oh's blog) and I need you to know I am obsessed with those blue pants from your collection. You make my tailored heart sing.

    You are clearly very, very artful and talented. I hope that makes you feel better.