Saturday, February 18, 2012

birthday brunch - Imperial no. 9

my perfect dream brunch date - not only would I die for these girls,
do you see how cute this place is? it's inside the mondrian hotel in soho.

too many cute things. angela wore this ring today because she knew I'd love it~ :D
I'm so thankful they brought me here for such a fun time~ and great live music*

errbody posting cute photos to instagram/facebook

(thanks bora for the opening ceremony cat sweater!! love love love it~
I only posted it 5 days ago of hanneli in it~ didn't think I'd be in it :P)
I always get bloody marys for brunch :9

connie's photo of my choker necklace I hand made everything,
but didn't end up styling it into the lookbook so I wore it today :)

fluffiest egg whites I've ever seen. it's all air - marshmallowy texture
fish tacos

 amazing with tabasco sauce


thanks guys~*~*
the green/nature makes me happy - so fresh
someone asked in a comment - the coat is from zara and is available there now ;) in fact, so is the skirt.

 coffee timeeee @ saturdays surf cafe
31 Crosby Street
girl time continues at scoop warehouse sale.
I literally "found" this skirt and I'm so pleased!! it's gryphon, but could pass for proenza~ 

could not have asked for a better saturday.. but it isn't quite over~
dinner and drinks with sj & em in... oops! 5 mins!! :X


  1. the sweater looks so cute and fab on you! great mermaid sequin skirt too~
    looks like a fantabulous brunch, yum!
    what a great sale find too. yay for having a fun-filled weekend!
    love the post below too~ those tights are shmexy and pairs perfectly with the more demure pleated skirt. love! where are the tights from??


    1. You always leave the sweetest comments~ tights are from topshop!

  2. and hooray for fantastic friends! the best way to celebrate :)