Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DiY - marni for h&m, collar

1 of 2 of my mary kat for topshop packages arrived!! :D
thank god I stumbled on the website that morning,
because I found out topshop is only letting customers purchase 1 item in their soho store :/

 next collab?? marni for h&m~
unlike the topshop collection, this collection will be much more affordable~

however, I don't think I can let myself go through the headache of trying to get my hands on it.
...solution - a DiY!!

my fave piece was their collar, that gave the finishing touch to the styling:

here's how:
 I used a fun, sparkly scrap fabric from my collection.
I placed a choker necklace on top to outline the neckline.

 I cut out half of the pattern in the collar shape.

 next, I went in and outlined half the neckline, following the choker.

 it's hard to see, but I folded the shape, so I can trace it exactly in half.

 what the pattern looks like flat
this fabric is great because I don't need to sew the edges.
otherwise, you may need to make two of these and sew the edges closed.

hand sew on grois grain ribbon to finish it up

I want to make it in white and a few more colors~
but I totally procrastinated the accounting work I need to do today to make this...
so they will have to wait~~~


  1. I like this collection very much!
    thanks a lot for good master-class :)

    btw thnx for the comment, it would be nice if we could follow each other :)

  2. Very inspiring post and amazing bog!
    Following!Follow back? <3

  3. pc - have you seen this?

  4. thanks so much for this post. just like you, my favorite from the collection was the collar, but they quickly sold out =( i just hope i'll be able to find a nice fabric like yours and cut out a similar pattern! thanks again =)