Saturday, February 18, 2012

birthday dinner - Daniel

look at this lace-cat-mask tee I found at zara~ (in dressing room)
wore it with the tights I wanted on selena!: dec 19 2011 post
I wore it more modestly though, my thighs are not as slender as hers~
with a double length pleated skirt
our dinner date was really beautiful!! and surprisingly a bit too filling..
I didn't want to take pictures because it's so fancy there,
but everyone was taking pictures even with flash - well no wonder,
the presentation was so pretty and the food, of course, bewitchingly delicious.

(sorry - it was really hard to take pictures in the dim, romantic light)
then, met with a small group of buddies
and we were off to spin!! we saw the owner, susan sarandon~
48 East 23rd Street

and ended the night at the boys' secret spot, a speak easy, the raines law room
here is a close up of the wallpaper decor :)
I am obsessed with their kitchen bar~ we had some really fun conversations there last night
until the wee hours of the morning. xoxo
48 W. 17th Street

thanks for coming out last night for a memorable birthday~

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