Friday, February 17, 2012

barneys warehouse sale

j.w. anderson layered sweater - I love the british designers.. they are so good

sea lace shorts

I usually only find shoes at their sales,
but yesterday, I was sooo satisfied with my scores!
I remember falling in love with this sweater - they had it on the mannequin at barneys
so I literally dashed across the fitting room when I saw the lady put it back on the rack!!
it's one of those "too good to be true" moments. yes, I love it that much.

going on at 17th st between 7~8th ave

in the sweater last night: what a way to end fashion week.
 a model agency was kind enough to invite me and 3 guests
to a very interesting charity show at the intrepid :)

real housewife fan anyone?


  1. cool sweater! very cool sale finds :) love it when that happens.
    some drama go down at MKxtopshop? sadness. hope you scored something you liked. those collabos are getting nuts, the more and more they come out with them!
    love your bday outfit! are the shoes aldo? glittery flats are simply fantastic~ the pants and knit are so cute as well!
    what a great morning outfit!
    and super congrats on the NYT post! you look beauuutiful, as well as the dress :) YAY!