Thursday, October 20, 2011

what to wear - accessorize sequin dress

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Help request - I got a silver cowl neck, sleeveless, slightly above the knee, all over- sequined dress.
Any suggestions for accessories? Im usually all for getting simpler dresses and wearing statement jewelry..
But i realized im clueless as to how to accessorize! I dont want to look like im trying too hard... Helllppp

hey~ thanks for asking!
this was the closest image I could find online.

it's hard to suggest styles without putting it against the dress,
but here are some inspiration pieces I pulled - mostly from
I love statement pieces too, and it can still work with a sequin dress.

my instinct when accessorizing is to go to necklaces first.
with an all over sequin cowl neckline - I think the dress does the trick in that department.

for my personal style, I'd have fun with earrings.
if you are wearing your hair down, it can peak through,
and balance the sparkle, drawing people's eyes back to your face.
you can wear color here - I think green is fab with silver.

because it's sleeveless, a statement cuff or bracelet will also look great.

I also came across a couple rings to give a detail to the look.

depending on your overall look,
you can keep the shoes more subtle, but strong.
or you can add a punch of color here.

tip: if you don't want to look like you're trying too hard,
don't sacrifice your closet!!
go with easy, wavy hair, and lighter on the make up - focus just on the eyes or lips. not both.
nothing says you're trying more than a perfect up-do and barbie face.

throw on a blazer and small bag, a la kate moss, and you're good to go~


  1. great tips! I love all the stuff you picked out :) esp. the earrings~~~
    xoxo Diana

  2. thank u so much x a ton!!! this was SO helpful :D i feel like i know where to begin now. The tips with makeup/hair/shoes are so applicable :)

  3. ps- gilt is having a bridal event. U probably saw it already and dont need it but thought u might be interested :)

  4. oo love this post! i am terrible at accessorizing & always need help in that dept haha.