Friday, October 28, 2011

mr. & mrs. - city hall!!!!

It was better and happier than I ever thought a legal marriage could be!!!
I think all weddings should be like this - everything else is stripped away,
and marriage - is so pure.


hubby & wife!!

waiting for our number
whole foods made a beautiful fall bouquet! who knew~ haha

joint checking?!?!? (shout out to roger)

more waiting.. :)

my something blue (on the other ear)

okay!! while we wait - we shall do a bouquet toss for the single ladies~
can you guess who "doesn't believe in marriage",
and who "wants to get married right now"??

 congrats!!! hahaha...

 impromptu bridesmaids hair

thank you to my sister and pattie for coming at such last min notice!!
love love love love you guys~~*

it's SEALED.

woohoo~~ so so so happy

 ah... romance..

 more romance in the "wedding garden".. :)
I thought I wouldn't have any outdoor wedding related photos,
so I am thrilled to have a couple~

 in the subway - it was so much faster than the cab!!

on the phone - "we're married you guyssss~~~"


  1. ahhh SO CUTE!!! Congratulations Mrs.!!!
    I've just been saying "so cute" after each photo! Fantastic pics!
    love how you added the lace to the dress, so pretty! You look beautiful Patty :DDD your hair, the dress, the jewels, the flowers, the flats, love it all~
    beautiful couple! all the kissing photos doesn't actually gross me out (a first, hehehe), TOO SWEEEEET!
    xoxo Diana

  2. You are such a beautiful bride. Congratulations!!

  3. congratulations!! so simple and beautiful. the both of you look so happy! really looking forward to more wedding excitement. :D

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  5. Congratulations to you and your hubby! You have inspired me to do a cityhall wedding for my "future wedding" haha =)

  6. awww omg love. so carrie and big! congratsssss you look gorgeous~