Monday, October 3, 2011

midnight oil

....after a long day of sketching
(on my not-so-ghetto-super-ghetto-homemade "lightbox". thank god for glass tables eh?)


"hunnie.. turn around"
"oh my god~'s kind of cool actually, where's the camera"

today was my kind of day - I want to blog, have lunch/dinner with friends, run errands,
but I really need to lock myself in and focus right now..

I kind of love this picture because it has every element I love in clothes
twists/knots, flow, texture, sheer, black, 3D, unexpected element, drape..


  1. Haha, eerie. Good luck!!!! Can't wait to see the final product =)

  2. LOVE the light box idea.. LOVE IT!!

    and looks like you are having more fun with your projects there missy.. hehehhehe Lovely hairdo~~