Friday, October 28, 2011

getting ready!

we've been meaning to make it legal since we moved in together at the beginning of the year,
but because city hall is only open during work hours, it was difficult to make time.

however, it was really spontaneous and we finally made it there today!!
I knew this day would be random, so I've been preparing~~

P for Patricia and H for Hank

I got this h&m dress a few months back! ($35)

I added some beautiful lace, for a vintage look, and hide the seams ($15)

my something borrowed - pattie's earring, my twin and bridesmaid

this card from my sister depicts what a short notice we gave her!! :P

I've never seen my fiance as handsome as he looked today!!

in the elevator - we're on our way!! =D

tres new york~~~~ (spy anything on the cab? classy~~ haha)

1 comment:

  1. i love how you made a simple dress look soo special.. you are so talented.. i hope the best for you and your future business .. and of course for your future wi/your legal hubby!