Monday, October 24, 2011

morning after bear

I found myself the cuddliest morning after (a night out) hoodie on ebay~
here's how I did my bear hoodie 2 ways. a rare sight of me in jeans..

squeezing in a lazy date during a girls' weekend

 upper east side is so fancy~ the green and white is inspiring.

second morning - not bad for what went down the night before~
 I like that it makes people smile. someone even honked my ear!!

 the shadow makes me smile too actually :)

my other 2 bridesmaids~~ what a great weekend for me!
brunch before nancy leaves town at bergdorf

how sick is this "ring" we made, haha.
it's so fun being engaged and planning together~~ 

 red velvet pancakes anyone???

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  1. you look so cute! the pancakes look delicious!

    Fashion Cat