Thursday, October 13, 2011

halloweeny birthdays

there's been a lot of birthday dinners, and girl get togethers this week!
here are some pics from one combo night~

some crumbs cupcakes, to pair with a bottle of white~

 testing that my camera indeed, does not blur.
no matter how fast you think you can move in dim light!

the panther in my lap?
I was pms-ing, and in need of going to the happiest place on earth.
my fiance and I decided FAO Schwarz was close enough.
of course, I was drawn to the blank panther, a la givenchy~
but needed an excuse to buy a stuffed animal. "it can be bucky's friend!"
yes, I knew exactly what being bucky's friend meant. poor panthery....


  1. do you mind if i ask what camera you're using? the picture quality is amazing!

  2. stylemepretty and weddingchicks are amazing! wedding planning can be very fun just take it easy or it can get out of hand !

  3. it's the new olympus 3/4 with a lumix pancake lens

    and thank you anh!

  4. i was going to ask what camera you used as well! i heard the olympus 3/4 is quite heavy... but it seems worth it!! love the black panther :)