Sunday, October 2, 2011

maison michel rain hood

AHH!! I. die.
came across this at opening ceremony~~~
the hubz made me back. away. slowly. :(

of course it rained when we stepped out and I wished I had it more....

maison michel - you probably recognize his lace bear/bunny ears
in numerous editorials and the olsen twins - love love love his hats!


  1. this is too cute! And a skosh more useful then those bunny ear headbands~
    non man-friendly, but that's probably the case for anything animal ear-ed (unless it's worn alongside some lingerie...)

  2. Haha, he thought it was cute.. but the $200 pricetag, not so much =T

  3. ahahaha yeahhh for $200, def calls for a "back away, slowly"
    of course not all that surprising for a brand that turned bunny ears into haute couture.
    A diy version then mayhaps??
    which reminds me...this would be so cute for kids too!
    And have you ever thought of making baby/kids clothes?? I think you would make the cutest effin stuff!!! like those hairy mice (?) you drew would be so fantastic for onesies or graphic tees~~~ also reminds me of those white tights you drew designs on for a little girl. Those were awesome. Mini haute couture~