Saturday, October 1, 2011

bloomingdales friends and family sale

we went on a rainy day shopping date, and obvi - I wore the bag out~ :)
I was really excited it got compliments,
and had a chance to explain to a few lovely ladies how to make it in person

the bag was actually much brighter in indoor lighting.
I wore an all gray scheme to match the weather,
but tried to keep the otherwise dull gray interesting - by mixing monochromatic metallics

we were both supposed to get some fall pieces at the sale (at least 20% off everything right now)
however, only I got lucky and scored this marc by mj cardigan~
rachel zoe says the one thing you need in your closet is sequins.
I agree~~ this will totally be my everyday throw.
the colors are subtle enough for day, yet tons of sparkle for night~

they say what you are wearing at the time, affects your decisions when shopping.
it's true. I blame the bag~~


  1. In regards to your last post...
    Hmart is a ripoff.
    I sell those twinkle pack of 3 for $1.99.
    (Work at a beauty supply)

    Love the purse, would love to see more details of it.

  2. where can we buy it for your rate? :)

  3. lol... i went there to get me some rain boots but instead ended up buying dennis shoes and a wallet T_T i guess my rain boots can wait... ^^

  4. omg i love this outfit! diggin all the silver and grey hues~
    and that bag you diy-ed looks absolutely fantastic!!!
    awesome purchase btw with the sequin cardigan. how would you wear it?

  5. Hi Trish,
    Hope you had a fab holiday!
    I was really thinking of getting the Marc cardigan. How do you like it? is the inside itchy at all? hmmmm...
    anywayz....Happy New Year!!

  6. It's not itchy :) happy new year!