Wednesday, October 19, 2011


bora just gave me a new sketch book from korea,
so I'm going to do some sketches until H comes home~

how fabulous is this come to life sketch???!! I LOVE it!!!


  1. Help request to my favorite fashion blogger (i know, im desperate.. So im usng flattery.. Is it working? But actually its true so its not flattery! Hehe). I got a silver cowl neck, sleeveless, slightly above the knee, all over- sequined dress. Any suggestions for accessories? Im usually all for getting simpler dresses and wearing statement jewelry.. But ive always wanted a sequined dress and bloomies had a sale so i couldnt resist. But i realizdd im clueless as to how to accessorize! I dont want to look like im trying too hard... Helllppp

  2. Oh just to add, its not a low cut neckline... Tasteful cowlneck... :)

  3. wow...amazing dress!! Love it!!!

    Fashion Cat