Monday, October 24, 2011

oh you fancy huh

bora's 30th! we had nothing planned, except to meet "around 9pm"

everything was so spontaneous~ nancy (& ted) got a suite, aka "nancy's house"
and the perfect party started from there~

anything in an orange box is a great birthday already~~

thank you T!! yummm strawberries and cream..

cheers to being reunited :D

bvlgari pellegrino water?? only at st. regis...

always the most fun part - getting ready of course~

and the inside jokes

transformed into ladies??

definitely not!

thanks for a good time

gangstas at the lion for a midnight dinner

john krasinski with wife, emily blunt

matt damon's wife & matt damon

were all "invited" to bora's bday at the bunker! haha
awwww they were having sooo much fun together~~

cashmere, c toe, cookies, & kitty take over meatpacking

and then off to our fave - gold bar - best dj!!

we love you bo!!! you are one lucky lady~~~~ woohoo!!

I'm actually not good about posting all my personal pictures on my blog than it may appear..
but I made an effort for this weekend - especially bora's perfect 30th!! :D that's all folks~


  1. Patty you're so Glamorous!! love living vicariously through your pictures^_^

  2. are you kidding that shes 30??

  3. HAHA... she will be happy to hear that. no, we are kidding when we say it's her 21st~ she's 21 at heart.. =)

  4. i thought you were kidding too that your friend is 30...i thought she was like 23~25. Good for her!

  5. innnnnnssspppiiirrraatttiioonnnn forevs <3 <3 <3