Thursday, October 27, 2011

what to wear - accessorize LBD

Maryann has left a new comment on your post "cat in a hat":

Hey Trish,
Question!!! Advice!!
I don't have the time to shop for a dress to wear at a wedding this coming Saturday.
What I have in my wardrobe right now is a plain black strapless dress knee length.
How can I accessorize to jazz things up. Hope you can help! 

hi maryann - the little black dress!!
I have a plan B black dress that I've worn 50 times, with different accessories.
there are so many ways to wear it, let's see how some celebs/runways have worked it.
I've also selected aldo shoes, and j.crew jewelry, as examples - for their easy access.

sexy nude shoes, and a simple bracelet - she is really letting her face and body shine.
nude shoes really extend your legs - especially if your dress is knee length.
for this look, I'd jazz up the nude pump, assuming your dress is not sequin like angelina's.
(I think I want to get that last aldo shoe! miu miu-esque)

classic black on black - but what I like about their black shoes,
is that they are breaking up the solid blacks

 the up do - shoulders are sexy~~
do all your drama in the hair with nude lips

j.crew's sexy and nude color necklaces

 if you are busty like kim, you can ditch the necklace and go bold with earrings.
or I'm sure any belt in your closet will be a fun accent, like khloe's.
a clutch is ideal for weddings and parties.

or try wearing a bright color on your lips with soft hair and bling on your wrists

and be inspired to try something out of the ordinary~~ :)
hope you have a fun time at the wedding~ thanks for asking!


  1. Hi Trisha, thank you so very much!! I'm going to head to aldo since it is more convenient and get me some nude pumps! The jcrew sexy nude necklace is hot.
    Thanks again!

  2. fab style tips! I love these posts :DDD
    xoxo Diana

  3. wow! I'm glad - aww, I'd love to see a photo of you from sat! =)

  4. will try and take decent pic for you!