Sunday, October 30, 2011

in a barbie world

I youtubed a barbie makeup tutorial,
and it was actually my first time wearing colored eye shadow.
I learned if you put concealer all around your lips, you can get a doll lip look.
(ick, I don't like how I look with too much makeup actually..)

ran to duane reade the day of~

everyone came over our apartment to pregame.
I met my hubby at harry's birthday party a year ago!
aww, I knew him since he was actually short..

in the elevator - I didn't need a jacket in the snowy weather because I was so fully protected!

my fave girls~ as tweedle dee and tweedle dum

it was jumpin at yotel!!

I was actually able to dance, eat and drink in this box~ haha

 but you know it's a good time when the box comes off!!

happy halloween~


  1. Trish!! Your Barbie makeup job is fantastic!!! You should do a tutorial