Sunday, October 23, 2011

DiY - nail art

my coco nails!
I was never into nail art, but something came over me tonight while googling nyan cat

anywho, here's how:
you will need: nail polish, plastic, an applicator- tiny brush/bobby pin/tooth pick

a design inspiration - my cat was named after coco chanel for her black & white fur

the thicker the better actually

use smaller applicators for details - I even used a staple!

let it sit for two to three hours to dry

you can either gently tweeze it off the plastic, or cut around it

apply a base coat

press the mini art into the base coat

apply a top layer and let it dry!

love you coco!!!!
..... you're too much, mom~

(a million fun weekend pics to come~ stay tuned!)


  1. amazeballs. can't believe you made a frickin cat!

  2. Your nails are too cute! I'm so happy to come across your blog tonight! =^_^=