Sunday, October 30, 2011

tuscan platter

(my photo from our one year anniversary breakfast)

I've been eating less carbs because it causes more back pain..
I guess I miss it a LOT because I had 3 dreams about BREAD last night.
dripping in olive oil... and black olives.. and all sorts of flavors..
in one dream, I even cried because I couldn't get my bread~~
(the upside is I shed 5+ lbs like *that*!)

anywho, I can't stand this craving!!
so we are going to have our usual - tuscan platter at la pain quotidien.
it's for 2, but I've been getting it for myself these days..
SO EXCITED!!! with mint lemonade ;D


  1. hehehe the upsides and down sides of carbs~~~
    have you tried gluten free stuff? Could be worth a try :)
    congrats on the weddingbee bio of the week! Your save the dates are probably the cutest/coolest ones I've seen~ The personal touches are unique and very memorable :D
    ps. Still can't get over all the beautiful photos from your city hall wedding posts!! loves them~
    xoxo Diana

  2. you need to try the pineapple and mint juice at ruby's! its amazing... and i'm confused - how come bread causes back pain??

  3. Carbs are inflammatory so it can be painful

    Yum, that sounds amazing!