Sunday, October 2, 2011

date day at the park

I never actually wore out the DiYs - crop top from april 28's post, and the painted jacket from march 24th's post~

I revolved my outfit around this season's "pajama" pant trend from club monaco.
the cropped top was the perfect length for the high waisted pants, and a splash of color.
then accessorized from there by color and weather~

business in the front, party in the back~

we spent a good hour relaxing and watching the dogs at madison sq park
and the food park is back~ it's open until oct 21

salted spicy shrimp & beijing ya (duck) bun @ hong kong food cart 

we tried the bbq pork bun by fatty crab to compare to the duck bun.
the duck buns won~

bulgogi burger by asia dog - my friend jen kwon's homemade was 1000x yummier ;)

... and then we didn't have room for dessert.... or pizza, or grilled cheese, or tacos... :(

pigeons everywhere~
except I want to take this one home - from a store window @ ace hotel 


  1. how fun!
    i think im going to do some art projects while im at home..
    thanks for inspiring me and making my stay at home.. better. HAHAHA.
    can i make a sequin bag too?

  2. love your outfit!! keep them coming Trish

  3. oooh in love with the whole outfit! adore the colors! The necklace is a total stunner, and those shades photograph perfectly~ the street food looks scrumptious, esp. that duck bun...

  4. I was there friday for dinner.. totally pigged out.. But didn't see the pork buns.. would have totally gotten that too.. I love mad sq. park

  5. hahahaha oh you are so fabulous and adorable, your posts are whimsical i love it! :) keep up the good work, million thumbs up~ ^^