Monday, October 24, 2011

I love you like a fat kid loves cake

Reggie and Linda's wedding
I had so much fun at a wedding!!!
sooooo happy for you guys~~~*~*


my besties~ and future bridesmaids =D

jasmine saw the dress I was about to wear and rescued me
(it was a terrible dress from 5 years ago, because I really didn't have anything in my closet!)
thank god for honest friends!! :)
she let me borrow this beautiful doo.ri dress - the designer made this for her cousin's bridesmaids

my favorite nj girls~~. and boys. ha

it's always sooo good to see everyone again~

 you know it's a great night when the shoes come off ;D

hank's magic trick - I'm levitating~

this is my twin, pattie! we wore one of each matching earring that night :P

my poor hubby to be.. can never open his eyes for a picture.. haha

 I love a happy bride!!

got captured in jane's camera - love you~ we're next babe~~


  1. awww what a sweet post!!! i love it! thanks for celebrating w/us! you're next! you're are going to be such a BEAUTIFUL bride! can't wait ;)

  2. seriously patty! youre going to be so pretty toooo :) excited for you!

  3. love the hair!! how do you get those voluminous curls