Saturday, September 11, 2010

je suis a l'aise

after I put my outfit on for fashion week, I was deciding accessories,
and I went back to tattooing

not sure if my french grammar is correct..
but I finally found words I like!
it's something I would like to tell myself in this transition phase of my life
I want to write this on my arm everyday for a while
I love the concept of the "chef's tattoo" style on their arms - to cover up burns

I used waterproof eyeliner so I can after party without smudges on my clothes

if you are wondering - this honestly took me less than 3 mins,
but after handpainting for Marchesa's spring and fall 2010 collections...
I was told by my bosses, if designing doesn't work out,
there's always a tattoo career for me. ha ha
I must admit... it has actually crossed my mind........

tomorrow may be my last day of work ya'll~~

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