Saturday, September 4, 2010

in the stars

carolyn emailed me this photo of her amazing shoes from her Jan Taminiau show in Paris
we were chatting about fashion week and the craftsmanship of shoes
the art of modeling lies in the most important accessory
and these sculptural sky scrapers are surprisingly comfortable!

well yes - this is coming from a pro...
here's carolyn working it

does she not have the most amazing stems for any shoes?

don't let her strong photos fool you
I knew she was a ballerina from her aura..
in fact, she literally also almost got carried away by the wind
this malaysian beauty has the personality of a flower

she was booked for a Marchesa show for her first and second season as a model in NY
keep your eyes out folks! in the past, she wore looks I contributed to for both shows
and I noticed & appreciated her attention to detail in her delicate poses
which stood out from the other girls


really fell in love with her when she was describing her role in..
I'm a sucker for quirks!

hi sweety! thank you for contacting me..
I was really flattered.. *blush* hope you like the post :) we love you!!!


  1. she is stunning! amazing bone structure

  2. Amazing shoes! The first ones are super hot