Monday, September 13, 2010

its about to go down

after I declared on my blog saturday, "today was my last day"
I get a txt today...

b: did u go into work today?
me: yeah how did u know?
b: lol i figured haha
b: workaholic!
b: or marchesaholic

haha theres something fuzzy about a friend who really knows you...

sorry, I have a feeling my future posts will be Marchesa related...
it's a sentimental time for me right now....
but yes, I am down to see what everyone else has been up to
Thankoon - the shows are getting stronger,
and still seeing a lot of whites.
I was surprised Preen didn't particularly excite me..

Below, I saw a trend from looks I collected from the recent Spring 2011 collections
... I can't wait for Miami in oct!!
I have a feeling there will be Miami minded posts in the near future as well

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