Saturday, September 11, 2010

boy's night out

it's fashions night out and to my surprise,
it was the men who shined with their style!

I mean, you would think when you gather the stylish,
your eyes would follow the women.. wrong!

it's a bit funny how for one week, random people want to take pictures of you,
and you're completely ok with it. so today, I took pictures back!

I had to tippy toe with my 5" heels for this pic.
I admit, I legit stalked him when he walked into Stella
I didn't want to ask him name to keep the mystery.. *sigh*

aww! disposable - say word

interesting sticker

he got shy for this 2nd pic when I asked him to pout

loved his hair. looked cooler from the side
he was a hella chill dude/model

cutest dj! I mean, macho.
he insisted I also get the back~ POW!

only in NY.. ran into Kanye, Olsen twins, Jared Leto, Helena Christensen,
Selma Blair, Kerry Washington - all in the span of one hour. maybe two?
I've never seen such madness in my life - especially for Kanye.
makes it bit tough to focus on shopping, no?

anyway, TI is so hot I had to take a picture when he walked by - like a teenage girl
"what you know about that"

pstt - all in all, the free food trucks, shake shacks and ice cream
might have actually been the best part. well, after the "love of my life" sighting

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