Friday, September 24, 2010

my favorite accessory

(which I honestly don't wear often.. hat hair is inconvenient) 
found this picture from last year.. it's that time again..

gooo NY yankees!!!

hmm central park area seems like a nice idea today..
everyone asks me what I'm up to "now"
I am actually taking a short break from full time fashion. "been there done that" but I'll go back to it..
in sept I'll spend all my time in nyc resting/gathering inspiration
parks, galleries, bookstores, museums, garment district, lunch and dinner dates
(which is why I've been blogging a bit less.. not much time at home. though now I have more ideas)
in Oct, I am going to start painting a series. may last a month or two
follow along, as we also watch the greatest city win again~

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