Wednesday, July 18, 2012

choose fun

hey~ I'm alive - but struggling. I keep writing and deleting this post right now

I've been through some of the best.. and worst moments the past couple weeks..

recently at one of the 3 weddings we've attended, the message was "choose Fun"
it's something I really needed to hear.. to make the best of this fragile life.
it really rung with me and it will show in my next collection~~

been thinking so much about life and what it all means.. celebrated the life of 2 that have passed also...

such a precious friend of mine passed away (I want to dedicate a special post, not ready to do that yet)
and it's just too much to soak in.. not an entire hour goes by without thinking about him...

bear with me and I'll be back soon~
just wanted to say, please - don't hold back feelings or words - say them while you can
why not - they will be happy to hear it!!!!
say "I love you", "thank you", "you've changed me this way"



  1. coco trish! i hope you are okay! so sorry to hear about your friend and all that has happened. I've been missing ur entries bc u are part of my routine while im at the office!!! fighting~ xx ur fan

  2. Clear mind, bright spirit. Get through the storm and there will be clear skies waiting for u. Looking forward to ur ne collection. Try not to be so hard on urself :)
    Wise words cocotrish. Don't hold back, anything.

  3. i'm sorry for your loss - stay strong!!

  4. love the picture!

  5. hi patty~~~ yes, let's choose FUN and press on~~ life is so precious... <3 love you!

    -jee young

  6. Dear Trish,
    I never thought you'd find out I drew a picture of your beautiful dress! Thank you so much and you are great!!! I love your dresses I didn't know where to find your clothes(news) before but now i know about this blog and it is very inspiring! Thank you!

    At the moment I am experiencing lowest point in life as well I am very lost dun have a direction on what can i do that's why I keep drawing but same time my family & friends would nag me for not having a proper job and like wasting my time. It's really good and motivated how you turn the negative energy into action to use on your collection. This is already a lesson you are teaching me!

    It is an old saying but we do get to learn something from anything. During this hard time I find it very useful to read some motivated books, funny movies, go out to the street watching people, shops, clothes, have lovely food, cakes, maybe use this time now to do things u really wanted & love and I am sure this will lift your energy back and you can start your new journey with even more than you expect! I really want you to know you have a little fans here to support you! :D

    lots of loves,

  7. I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling these days. This was a beautiful post Patty! Heem nae. :) <3 Grace