Monday, July 25, 2011

you've got mail

the previous post's image reminded me of our save the date~ :o)
(disclaimer: we are having a small wedding, + the guest list is obviously not finalized)

we actually came up with the concept and made it on the day of my june 9 post
(which was the day I first started thinking about it - sometimes gut feelings are "the one")
here it is~:

hank and I collaborated on this whimsical/down-to-earth DiY idea~
we didn't want to spend a lot of money on it, so we did everything ourselves,
and the pictures are taken on site @ our aptartment complex, by us and a random neighbor.

tip: boy, do stamps add up!!.. I'd advise sending a virtual save the date to help the budget,
but it is nice to visit friends' places and seeing it on their wall/fridge who are excited :D

we think it's funny and had fun making it,
and I'd love to help any future brides with ideas~


  1. omg! Very cute Idea... i got married last oct. and yES! Stamps add up like crazy... Save the date.. Wedding invitations, and the last Thank you Cards!
    I wish I had small wedding but some how we ended up having over 200 guest! I miss planing my wedding :( its gets little stressful but Have fun and Im 100% Sure Ur wedding is going to be beautiful!

    Love your Fan Julie......

  2. So cuuuuuute! They look fantastic and unique!! Xoxo

  3. that is so cute!! what a great idea - and a fun project to do together with your fiance!

    btw i love that you wear your DIY things all the time! i feel like so many bloggers DIY things just for the sake of their blog and never put them to use. so refreshing to see your ideas!