Thursday, July 14, 2011

camera phone pics

my camera phone consists mostly of my paintings...

(inspiration - previous post about trophy heads)
the rhino took me less than 10 mins, but the painting I "erased" under it took about an hour.
I erase layers of different paintings until I'm happy..
for instance, I painted over the bottom right one also - new version is unfinished..
and this a portrait of me mixed with my mom's image when she was my age.

so, my fiance asked for a portrait of bucky.
I initially said no, but there is something about the subconscious. tricky tricky.

yesterday: while starstuff and I were stalking purple arriving with chipotle =9
 the cabs look miniature~

(the view must have been amazing from nj, with the ginormous rainbow over the skyline)

couple days ago: mini rainbows in my parent's house in westchester <3

there's a split second in a shampoo commercial.
and months later, I HAD to freeze the tv when I saw this. I need to make this.
engagement pictures?? =)


  1. wow amazing stuff! your paintings are beautiful & so you~ love this post!!

  2. amazing paintings patty!! you're so talented! hope u girls had fund at the picnic sad i couldn't make it~~

  3. love them all but esp your self portrait mosaic!!! and i love the photo of when u were stalking me~ had to figure out that commentary for a few seconds! something abt it looks fake & miniature!!!