Thursday, July 7, 2011

furry family portrait

before I went to cafe grumpy to meet starstuff (best coffee in nyc!),
I painted a family portrait - my fiance requested it for the apt last night.

(the photo color quality sucks because I took them after the sun went down)

 I need to add the glass and have hank hang it.

meet professional hank - papa bear
hobby? collecting wine.
background personality - love for dolphins & print from his favorite tie.

meet meowingy coco - doesn't know she was born a cat.
hobby? making SURE she's fed.
background personality - worshiped by everyone who meets her.

meet cat lady patty - that's me.
hobby? being bonchon's #1 fan - will even eat at the restaurant alone.
background personality - lover of anything french 

 meet "leave me the f**k alone" bucky - definitely a cat.
hobby? doin' what a cat do
background personality - staring out the window for hours in his carpet tree house.
(there's a bunny in the top left cloud)

jk, he loves being near me..
I get worried when he flicks his tail in his dreams..
he did get a tiny bit of paint on his tummy~ oops!


  1. so frickin CUTE! the portraits are the most darling thing ever~ this furry cat creature would make for a great children's book. really awesome stuff Patty! xoxo

  2. These rbtoo cuuute!! Omgnand I love that pic of buckey