Wednesday, July 27, 2011

dream log

I love how you guys send me cool pics for my blog~
this is from liz - it's a real door in a house. I wish I can have it for my cats..

someone told me I should keep a dream log,
so I started one this morning.. I had to. I remember every dream so I'll continue from today

I dreamt, my fiance tranquilized a troll, and shot 3 acidic needles at it
it was horrible.. it woke up and it wasn't a mean troll..
it didn't understand why someone would do this to him, the pain of his skin melting
it was mean of my fiance. he did this after swinging through vines in a jungle.

in another, I was in a flying pepper shaped superhero car. it was shiny, red and chrome.
there was a fight, and in the background, a huge, brown sun(man), wanted to peek at the action.
his ray of light revealed there was a banana man hiding in a banana mobile.
but he was a good guy and his plan was spoiled.

in another, my fiance wore a pink curly wig with a bouncy ball headband.
it was sooo cute I needed to take a picture,
but instead of a photo, it was a stamp. and then, instead of a stamp, I had to sketch him.

I had some more dreams I logged, but that's enough for here~~


  1. Smallest door for Coco, next for Bucky, then you, then the biggest for Hank.
    Keep it up with the dream log!