Tuesday, July 12, 2011

custom portraits

my first commissioned artwork: portrait of adorable sasha
sasha sits funny and looks sad most of the time
baroque background in theme of the outdoors
hobby - her raccoon toy

small portrait winner: janet
interests: spanish language and cities
and loves to eat & cook (paella perhaps?)
so I based hers on the amazing city of barcelona! & artist/architect, gaudi

I <3 gaudi - I was fortunate to visit spain with my school in 2000.
actually, sasha's owner, adam was part of that class!
above photo is of benches

anywho, custom portraits may go on sale on my etsy when I find time for it


  1. ooh, love love loveee the background of the doggy portrait!! wallpaper plsssssss

  2. hi patty, thanks again! i love it, it's so cute! i'm going to frame and hang the picture up somewhere in my new apartment <3 Gaudi's work is beautiful and you did a great job, love the design.

    i look fwd to seeing more of your creations! :)